Enrolment Procedure

Enrolling at Flippers is is as easy as filling out our enrolment form and sending it in to us. Although we do encourage you to come in and see us, to ensure that we are the perfect place for you and your child.

We are open 7.45-5.45pm, Monday to Friday. Please feel free to give us a ring to check for availability of spaces.

We also cater for families wanting casual care for children. For children 3-4 years it's free*. Once an enrolment form is filled out you can call on the day or the day before care is required. Spaces are subject to availability.

*Free casual care is available to 3 and 4 year olds not already receiving 20 (free) Hours ECE.

Settling in

We have a gradual settling process which makes the transition to Flippers easy for both families and children to feel comfortable in a new environment and to get to know the Flippers whanau. 

Before children start attending Flippers, we recommend that the family visit the centre with their child several times in the week/s before settling visits (mandatory) so that they can become familiar with the centre, staff and children, this is not only important to the child and family but also for the staff. We use this time to share information and create a partnership between the home and Early Learning at Flippers.

Mandatory Settling visits:

  • Initial visits, families view the environment, are introduced to the teaching team, ask questions, become familiar with the Flippers philosophy and priorities for learning. 
  • First settling visit, family stays for 20-30 minutes to answer questions from allocated teacher about family, routines, previous care, child's personality, interests etc. then leave child up to half an hour
  • Second visit, family stays for 10-15 minutes to talk to allocated teacher then leaves child up to 1 hour
  • Third visit, family stays for 5 minutes, then leaves child for up to hour and a half


We are aware that this is a slow process, but have found from experience that this works really well in the end for families and most of all, the child. 


Settling Tips and advice:


We ask that the family say "goodbye" when they leave rather than just slipping away, as children can find it upsetting to discover their family have suddenly gone.

The new family will be allocated a teacher who will settle them in, take charge of care routines and planning for learning. 

Allow a few weeks to settle into the Flippers family, ideally start care a week before you need it and have settling visits prior to this. This allow time for the family and teaching team to get to know each other before the allocated teacher and child get to know each other.

From our experience it is important that children see their families talking and developing a relationship so that they can feel safe and secure in their new environment. 

The first three hours of settling will be free, any settling hours after the first three will be charged at the normal hourly rate.

Enrolment Pack

The Enrolment pack is available in pdf format, click here if you need to install the free adobe reader.


Enrollment Pack

Do you qualify for a childcare subsidy? Check here


What to bring when you enrol your child  

- child's proof of identity

- up to date immunisation certificate