April Newsletter

5/ 7/2018
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Change of Hours and Holiday form

4/ 9/2018
Are you going on holiday or do you need to change your child's hours at Flippers? You can now make a request online. Change of hours form Holiday form    

March Newsletter

Kia Ora Whanau, Check out the latest news and learning from Flippers here 

Toileting Readiness

3/ 6/2018
Have you been thinking about whether your child is ready to start toileting? The experienced Flippers team have put together some helpful advice about toileting readiness, check it out here

February Newsletter

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January newsletter

It's 2018! Check out the news for the New Year here

December Newsletter

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November Newsletter

12/ 5/2017
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Music and Movement

We are having lots of fun with songs that keep us active at the moment. Musical activities at Flippers involve children in group activities where they learn to take turns, share, offer creative suggestions for actions or rhythms, and accept the ideas of others. Children learn to coordinate their hands, feet and bodies in actions, develop spatial awareness and develop extensive connections across the brain.  All this, from enjoying a simple song. Here is one that gets requested ... Read More

October Newsletter

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