What they say

Parent quotes:

Here are what some of our past and present families have to say about Flippers:
"Flippers has been absolutely wonderful for our daughter, she has had the opportunity to expand her creativity and artist ability more than we ever expected. The close-knit teaching staff and family feel of the centre makes you feel welcome from day one. There isn't anything we don't love. Thoroughly recommend Early Learning At Flippers" - Amanda
"Extended family" - Megan
"Flippers is utterly amazing! They have helped shape our daughter into an awesome little lady" - Craig
“I love the family interactions and the way the teachers have great relationship with both children and parents” A Flippers Parent
"Flippers is fantastic, they helped mould my oldest and most sensitive child into a confident little lad ready to tackle any challenge school has to offer. All the teachers love what they do and it's shown as they consistently find new and interesting ways to expand the children's learning experiences" - Jane
“I chose flippers 8 years ago for my son initially for proximity to work. I have since had two other children and never once thought of changing centres. My third child is currently at Flippers and, like his siblings, loves his time there.  My older two children love going through their old profile books and talking about their time at Flippers and both have friends from Flippers that they keep in touch with. The staff are all lovely and when you arrive to pick up your child someone always has a story to tell about what your child has been up to for the day. The staff and management at Flippers are very accommodating and I have always been very happy with the care my children have received.” - Mandy
"Being a "daycare day" is all the motivation Miss 3.5 needs to get dressed, she loves going and never gets to stay long enough" - Alison
"Flippers is my daughters home away from home, filled with love, support, fun times and creative/enjoyable learning experiences. The teachers are all wonderful and I'm so thankful they are part of our lives. It takes a village to raise a child, and this village comes highly recommended!" - Rach 
"Dropping my child off at Flippers is like dropping him off to family, he just loves it!!"
- one of the Flippers parents

"Flippers is amazing! my daughter attended for 4.5 years and now at nearly 11 is still doing fantastic due to how she was educated and nurtured during her early years I couldn't recommend them enough" - Bex

“4 years ago we walked in to have a look around we turned up and it was pj day, Lizzy showed us around, we loved the feel, the structure, the outlay and staff. Our girls are so clever because of the awesome team at Flippers” - Tania

“Fun, exciting, stimulating, great learning is always taking place”-  A Flippers parent


Education Review Office (ERO)

"Teachers know the children well, including knowing them as learners"  2018 Report 

"Teachers are flexible and responsive to the needs and rhythms of children under two. They have frequent caring one-to-one interactions" 2018 Report

"Teachers keep parents and whānau well informed about the benefits of the various play and learning activities their children take part in'  2018 Report 

"The centre effectively promotes children’s learning and wellbeing. Children enjoy caring and sensitive relationships with each other and their teachers" 2018 Report 

See full ERO report here